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Frequently Asked Questions


Once I order how long until I receive my kit?

Once your order is received, your kit is sent express post within 24-48 hours. Timeframes may differ with public holidays or the work bench is closed for holidays. If you have any concerns please get in touch.

What is included in my kit?

In your kit you recieve instructions, wax to capture your dog nose print or paw print and replied paid postage to send your wax back to me.

Do I need to use all the wax provided?

Yes you do! This helps to make sure that we have at least one good nose or paw print to use to make your unique piece of jewellery.

I have two dogs and would love a double sided dog print. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible! It requires an additional step and some air dry clay. I recommend getting in contact with me to discuss this options.

Any tips to get a good fingerprint or nose print?

Most important is to make sure you heat the wax so it is nice and soft the entire way through. You should be able to press it between your fingers with no resistance, and roll it back into a ball.

How do I know if I have taken a good nose print or paw print?

If you have taken a good print you should be able to clearly see the nose print or paw print in the wax. Often it is easier to see this in natural light. The more detailed and deep the print the better the result. You are welcome to email through some images of your prints to check the quality.

I don't know what size print to order!

It is important to remember that whichever size you choose, it is not about capturing a full dog nose print or paw. Just a section of it. The small size will be the lightest, whilst the large will be the heaviest. The overall shape is dependent on how you take the impression, however if you have ordered a large for example then you should be able to create a larger print than if you selected a small. So it depends on if you want a heavier and potentially larger pendant or something a little lighter.

Can I wear two pendants on the one chain? One with my children and one with my dog's nose print?

Absolutely! All you need to do is order a either a fingerpint necklace or a pet print necklace, then you can select an additional print and select in the variants if you would like a pet print or a fingerprint. That way you get the correct information you need to gather your prints! All we recommend is that you select a small or a medium for multiple prints.

Do I need to return the kit within a certain timeframe?

No you don't! You are able to return the kit whenever you are ready.

Can I take a nose print of my cat?

Absolutely if your cat will let you!

Do you ship Internationally

Yes I do! Please check the all the information relevant to International orders on the product page.

Can I wear my jewellery in the shower?

Yes you can. What it doesn't like is chemicals and chlorine. Just make sure that once you are out of the shower that you dry your jewellery. Try avoid exposure to perfumes, and other skincare or makeup.